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Shenzhen XingDongXin Technology Co., Ltd, located in the town of shenzhen baoan district Shiyan. Shenzhen is China's reform and opening up the forefront of special economic zone, at the same time, the town of shenzhen rock is the world's largest LED research and development center and production base! The company was founded in 2013, registered capital of 5 million yuan, now the production workshop covers an area of more than 2000 square meters

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Shenzhen XingDongXin Technology Co., Ltd is located in sh...


Recently, and a production power driven entrepreneur visi...


In recent years, with the development of decoration industry, the family is decorated become

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communication and cooperation platform, create more bilateral interests, cooperation, win-win


In 2015, the lighting industry is both opportunities and ...


On the morning of February 24, 2016 guangzhou international advertising logo and LED show

外置ICExternal IC Lamp Strip

 Built-in IC Lamp Strip

DMX512-10段60灯DMX512-10 Section

3535-60灯/米3535 Lamp Strip

 RGBW Lamp Strip


Advertising Project
The specialty is engaged in the night view lighting professional lighting company
Light Box
LED advertising light box constantly flashing stay, effectively improve the people's visual impact; Raise the utilization rate of per unit area of advertising, the box and transformation, and like the
Automotive Lighting
Cheap LED lights, and take back glue, waterproof need not speak.
Single chip computer DIY
lighting Lighting
LED lighting engineering solutions
Indoor And Outdoor Lighting
Indoor lighting advantages
Building Outline
LED lighting, LED indoor decoration building, LED billboards, LED luminous characters, LED advertising screen, LED illumination
Amusement Facilities Decoration
Led lights lighting engineering Amusement park lighting design lighting design lighting